Ikkokusenkin (一刻千金) is a Japanese idiom that reflects on the preciousness of each moment. 
This Sake set attempts to change the way you enjoy a good Sake by raising awareness about the uniqueness of each occasion and the ephemerality of nature. Encouraging to taste what your eyes are seeing. 
This Sake set contains: 
1  Tokkuri (sake pitcher), 2  Choko (sake cups), 2 Sara (flat plates), 2 Ate (snack bowls ) and 1 Handbag
The set’s symmetry allows you to play with all the elements to create towers of different shapes for a unique display, or to be stacked for easy transportation.
In Japan, Sake is the most popular drink, and generally when eaten informally, it is accompanied by bite-sized food or snacks.
Product: Sake set pieces 
Designer: Daniela Villalobos
Artisan collaborator: Kanako Moriyama 
Technique: Wheel thrown Ceramics
Year: 2018

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