Project date:  2019 - Present 
Role: Owner & Designer
About: Koloikos is a brand of baby accessories that aims to simplify your day-to-day life as a parent.
Design role 
I create and maintain a consistent brand across all products, packaging, labels, product photographs, website and social media content. 
There were 3 main areas that I focused on to scale this project into a business: Brand Identity, Product Development and Social Media.
1. Brand identity
The essence of Koloikos reflects the playful and lovely personality of children. The logo is inspired by a piece of dough, something children usually play, create and explore with. The use of pastel colours and simple monoline icons, paired to give the brand a sweet and childlike feeling. 
2. Product development 
These aromatic pillows help babies sleep, breathe, and reduce stomach discomfort, through 3 types of aromatherapy. 
To create the fabric designs, I designed the graphics, laid out the pattern, and printed them by sublimation. This fabric was then assembled, filled according to its scents, packaged, and labelled for retail sale.
3. Social Media
As a new brand, a social media presence was essential for brand awareness and community building. Regular and consistent content on Instagram and Facebook led to direct sales to customers. Later, I placed Koloikos products in physical shops through retailers and stockists. Finally, just before the pandemic in 2020, I launched the website, which allowed me to increase online sales by 200% from 2019 to 2020.

I took all brand photos on Koloikos social media, website and promotional materials.

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