Below are some logos I've designed through the years.
Expansion Zone (2022)  – Leadership coaching for entrepreneurs and leaders (Germany).
 Store Next Door Ldn (2022)  – UK Etsy shop selling printable stationery. 
Los Almendros Repostería (2021) – A small cake shop in Mexico.
Geriatría (2021) – Private practice of a geriatrician in Mexico. (Logo redesign I did in 2017)
Montis  (2021) – A self–storage company in Mexico. 
Grama (2019) – A financial consultancy in Mexico. 
Geriatria (2017) – A brand for the private practice of a geriatrician in Mexico. (Logo redesigned in 2021)
dvillafer (2016) – Personal branding. The logo comes from my initials DV. 

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