As part of the opening of the Geriatric Residency Program at the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) clinic # 17, located in Monterrey, N.L., a brand identity project was requested to represent the residency program, as well as the Geriatrics Specialty area of this clinic.
The ideation process was carried out in 2 steps. It started with first-hand research with a Geriatric Doctor from this clinic to learn more about key elements of this specialty.
Then, I began rough-sketching. Once I defined a couple of ideas, I continued digitally, where I designed some construction lines and began to polish all the elements of the design. 
Here, I present the entire process.
The clock drawing test is commonly used in Geriatrics as it allows the evaluation of different brain functions in the patient. This test is used to detect the existence of cognitive impairment. The setting and operation of a clock are the first knowledge acquired at a young age and are lost when there is an advanced cognitive impairment.

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